I will send it to you next week. You cannot pay for this it is a little gift.  You need a smart  tech person because with 2000  arabic channels some are on one satellite some on others and there are no instruction s because these items  are “illegal’ most arabs have them but you can access everything without paying.  it is very small but powerful.
I paint cattle and dogs so I will be visiting the post office next week  to send a picture  to  Germany.
I love listening to Nasrullah he is a wonderful  speaker. You will be able to watch Egyptian films !! Nile TV
I  will send an email when the little decoder has been posted to you
All the best, enjoy  the lovely cheese, fruit and veg in Italy.

Dear Susan,

I would love the decoder if it isn't too much trouble. We will figure it out.

My address is the following :

 Arezzo, Italy
Many thanks to you. I read Al-Akhbar fairly regularly and enjoy listening to Nasrallah as well!
Very best, Joshua

Dear Joshua,
How lovely,  what a nice change.  Al Akhbar is principally a Hezbollah paper. That may be why they ran that article. Nasrullah is a wonderful speaker. He recognised the Saudi arabic when Hariri’s alleged  resignation speach was read out and said that is not Hariri. I do not regard Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, Oh No! They do a great deal of excellent charity work  in southern Beriut and south Lebanon amongst the poor Shi’a.
I have a Syrian TV decorder 2,000 channels mainly in arabic. The little channel changer is rather small and often you are changing  from Satellite to Satellite, which can be complicated. But you have bright children and they will soon get it right, and get the swing of it.  There  are no instructions with it, but it works very well.
Would you like it as a gift. I do not use it at  the moment  as it does not fit my TV. I can send it to you in Arezzo. I  think you would  enjoy it. You may have some Syrians in  Arezzo now.
Very best to you all,
Yes, I am teaching in Arezzo this year.

Very best to you, Joshua

16, 2018 8:05:06 PM

Dear Joshua,
I am sorry,  I checked  Al Akhbar today, but  the on-line edition was  for  today January 16th and the article  on the possible establishment of a Salafi area on borders of Oman
was in yesterday’s  edition. Todays lead story is about the UAE and Qatar.  I should have” done it yesterday. My  apologies. I work for ProMED-mail  reporting, infectious and emerging diseases,working in 5 languages.We have a very  nice arab section,  but no one  in Saudi,  Oman  yes, Jordan, Sudan, Morocco and Kurdistan , Iraq. I was a bit tired last night.
I checked the edition  on line of al  Akhbar  today but  there was nothing else.

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